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Gifts for her

Presents For Her - Gifts for her

What Type of Gift Should You Pick?


High-end apparel can be tricky to size, so be sure you get some help with this one. If you’re buying for a partner or spouse, you can check to see if they have any clothing by a particular designer. This not only lets you know what they like, it also lets you know what size they wear in that designer’s clothing.

Remember that clothing is a hugely diverse option, so you can get her something for an expensive night on the town or something casual. It’s up to you, but knowing which labels she likes is important.


Bags are fashionable and functional. Different types of bags are suitable for different occasions. Be sure to see what kind of bags your significant other or other recipient likes. People tend to gravitate toward certain brands, so try to match what they already like.


This is another case when it’s a great idea to see what the recipient already likes and to look for those brands. If she loves Jimmy Choo, for instance, half of your work is done already. Try to get something close to what you know she likes, but don’t be afraid to get creative here.


Purses are great gifts. Be sure to look for something of around the same size that the recipient normally carries. A woman who is prone to having everything and anything she could possibly need at hand will obviously prefer bigger bags than someone who only carries a small amount of items with her.


Wallets are great gifts. Getting a wallet that goes along with a purse is a great way to get her a set of accessories that are practical, fashionable and made to go together.


If you know your partner or spouse, you’ll know what she likes in this regard. Color, the gems used, the design and other factors all play into whether something works or not. Remember that color differences can be very subtle. Someone with dark brown eyes might prefer a different color jewelry to bring them out than someone with lighter brown eyes, for example, so be sure to get creative here and to really think bout he person you’re buying it for and what will set off their best features.


Watches are gifts that can last more than a lifetime and be passed down. They sometimes combine the elegance and design of jewelry with a very functional core, so good brands are always advisable. They keep time better, hold up for a lifetime and, if they have trouble, they can be repaired, making them enduring gifts. These are great for career women on days like Women’s Day or other days that celebrate women’s accomplishments rather than romantic relationships.